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Wallpaper Tips and Ideas

What was once thought of as an outdated addition to put on your walls, has now had a massive turn around and we are loving it! Wallpaper can inject life into a room. If you are wary at first, you can always order a sample or invest in a roll and hang it up for a month or so and if you still love it, go for it! What do they say? Try before you buy!

Another good idea, is to start small. A powder room is an excellent place to start and you can be quite bold in a space like this. A closet is also a safe place to begin your wallpaper journey. You will get a lovely surprise every time you open your wardrobe to choose your outfit for the day.

Be bold, be brave.

If you’re going to commit to wallpapering a room, then its a great idea to go for it and wallpaper the whole space in order to create a cohesive, glamorous interior. The accent wall can look dated. However can also look gorgeous when the right wallpaper is used. And never be scared of big pattern. A patterned wall can actually make a small space feel larger. It breathes new energy into the room.

Walls are just the beginning

The ceiling is one of the most ignored regions of modern-day decor. If you look at any sophisticated interiors of the past, they always have highly decorated ceilings with plaster, gilding, and painted frescos. The joy of wallpaper is that you can put the most amazing pattern on your ceilings very easily, creating an unbelievable new way to decorate a room. If you have a printed sofa or curtains, then a wallpaper with too strong of a print will more than likely clash. You should let one or the other be the star of the space.

Swipe across to see more brilliant ideas for wallpaper. There are so many amazing options out there. Get in touch if you need a hand choosing any for that special space.

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