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This once fancy-pants material is going mainstream, and we are not mad about it at all! This is mainly due to the advances in fabric technology, hence making it more affordable and durable. Quite often now we are shown from fabric suppliers, material that has a number of low-maintenance characteristics from machine-washable to fade, stain and abrasion resistant! Perfect for the family household, pets and kids in particular.

If at first you may be wary to get on the velvet train, then start small with some beautiful, fluffy cushions or a pouf. You certainly won't regret it and will likely move onto a velvet couch once you have experienced the glorious-ness of velvet. The type that you can sink into and feel just that little bit luxurious.

Depending on how adventurous you're feeling, there is always the option of having curtains made out of velvet, which by the way looks stunning..in the right environment. Steering towards a tassle free look, teamed with more modern decor can look dramatic, in a good way!

Velvet has the effect of making a dull room feel far more glam! Do you need some....how do they say? Va-Va Voom in your life? This type of fabric is luxurious and lush. Falling onto a velvet couch is heavenly. We are so excited to see new and improved materials, coming in all sorts of colours and textures. Be ahead of the game and inject some life onto your couch with some velvet cushions. Delicious! Don't forget, easy to clean too.

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