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Tile Trends You'll Love

Bathroom tiling is something you can have fun with if you so desire! Typically, a powder room in your home is where you can be a bit more adventurous. The room where your guests will come to use. Show them a bit of your personality with colourful wallpaper and unique tile design.

There are so many options available and new configurations of how they can be laid. It is important to get some advice from a tiler on the layout and how many you will need exactly, to avoid wastage.

I know it sounds crazy but the colour of your grout is so important! It can make or break the look of the tiles in your bathroom space. See these simple white diamond shape tiles above, now add pink grout and they are totally transformed into something groovy and unique.

Looking at this image above, you may think woah! That looks like it would take forever to tile, which means more cost on labour, but in actual fact these small square tiles more than likely came on a sheet so it wouldn't take as long to lay them. Bonus! They have an awesome effect too.

How awesome does this gloss/matte tile look on the floor. Different patterns have been created using different tiles next to each other. Be aware of when you are choosing tiles that you check with the store assistant that the tiles are suitable for floor or in the shower.

A few handy tips to remember:

- Handmade tiles can be tricky to lay because of their irregularities, so it’s best to leave this sort of installation to the professionals.

- Tiles with a matt finish offer excellent grip and slip resistance, making them perfect for wet-room floors.

- Mosaic tiles that are affixed to sheets can help to reduce labour costs as they are quicker to install than individual mosaics.

- For a home made cleaner that won’t leave behind soapy residue, use hot water and a dash of methylated spirits.

- Rectangular tiles laid in a vertical pattern will give the illusion of a higher ceiling, while a horizontal pattern makes a space feel wider.

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