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Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Headboards are a wonderful way to give your room some love and attention. Whether you sway towards understated minimalism, bold patterns and shapes, or love the classic tufted style, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your bedroom. We share some of our favourites below.

Classic and timeless, this headboard will see you through the years regardless of any changes you make to your space.

This is a great example of using a headboard to add some colour, pattern and shapes into your bedroom.

Functional and unique, we love this modern take on a traditional linen headboard.

How gorgeous is this? It's sophisticated, eclectic and makes a statement.

While this isn't quite a headboard, it is an affordable and simple take on one; simplicity at its best.

A charming and rustic way to warm up a neutral space.

Bold and brave, this beautiful Kelly Wearstler fabric allows this headboard to be it's own piece of art.

We love the way this headboard incorporates different materials.

Delicious and velvety, it is no wonder this stunning headboard is one of our top picks.

A multifunctional piece, this screen has been used to create an elegant and ornate headboard that makes quite the impact.

A fun touch using a classic stripe, we love the vertical and curved lines used on this headboard.

If you are interested in having your own unique headboard made, we would love to help you. We are surrounded by beautiful fabrics and have something to suit everybody's taste.


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