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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

If you want a home that’s the best, brightest and most spacious of them all, some carefully selected and cleverly placed mirrors maybe all you need! Keep reading to find out just how you can achieve this magic in your own home. There are so many options of mirrors available, all at various price ranges too. Whether you're on a budget or have the opportunity to splurge. There will be a mirror to accomodate everyone's desires!

Working with an impossibly tight space? Alongside small prints, a pale colour palette and carefully curated key pieces of furniture, you can create an illusion of space with large mirrors. The most effective are floor mirrors, which create a feeling of height, as well as space. Where you wish to lengthen a wall, choose a long, skinny mirror turned on its side.

Own a beloved piece of furniture you’d like to make the focal point of a room? Placing a mirror alongside it can capture interest while showcasing almost every angle of the piece. This spring is all about the mixing and matching of eras and statement pieces, so consider a mirror that contrasts in design style – where there’s a traditional sideboard, you could go for a modern, angular and simplistic mirror. See below for an example of just what we mean!

If your home leaves you yearning for more windows, mirrors can be an excellent alternative. Large, rectangular mirrors placed at regular intervals create a feeling of space throughout a room. Take a little time to experiment with placement and consider the windows you do have and how you can place your mirrors to make the most out of your natural sources of light.

Now here is a checklist to help you with ideas on how to enhance any room with a mirror. A piece of art in themselves! Enjoy your day beautiful people.

1. Mirrors in small spaces will make a room seem larger 2. Check the reflection from every angle and see how you can enhance a piece of furniture even more with the mirror. 3. Hang mirrors in areas where natural light is limited 4. To glam up your bathroom use a mirror as a source of ambient lighting 5. Mirrors can be a decorative feature as well as functional. Perfect!

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