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It’s That Time of Year; Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space in Time for Summer

The change in season often brings an emerging sense of renewal and reform, and with summer just around the corner, we find ourselves longing for a refreshed space that embraces all the sunshine has to offer. Now is a wonderful time of year to spruce up your home by getting creative with your space and incorporating lighter tones, natural materials and breezy linens. There are plenty of small changes you can make to reinvigorate your home, we share our thoughts below.


While we love the comfort that velvet cushions, wool rugs and heavy throws bring us during the colder months, summer calls for a lighter, brighter change! This can be achieved by swapping out the likes of heavily textured cushions and moody drapes, for something that incorporates softer tones and gentle fabrics, such as lightweight linens and cottons that compliment your space and the season. "My favourite way to inject a bit of fun and life into my interiors is to throw a vibrant cushion or two on your sofa. They can bring some personality to your space. You could even have a go at making them yourself. Get on the hunt for seconds fabric or turn a beloved worn out kilim rug into a cushion front. Do as the Turkish do!" shares Grace.


Scent plays an important role in many aspects of our life, however, it is often overlooked. Scent is a vital part of interior design and is an important element in setting the tone of a space. When envisioning summer we are reminded of fresh, crisp scents that are reminiscent of the outdoors. The addition of a new essential oil or candle is a wonderful way to freshen up your home, capturing the essence of summer. "Anything floral, especially Freesias, instantaneously remind me of summer! Aside from your home smelling beautiful, lighting a candle is a peaceful ritual to add to your routine" says Alex.

Fresh Florals and Greenery;

Possibly one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to revive your space for summer is by embracing all nature has to offer! While it may sound cliche, there really is something cheerful and uplifting about having fresh flowers in your home. Flowers are a modern, yet classic way to enhance your space, allowing you to experiment with various different colours, textures and shapes without any long term commitments. Don't forget to get just as creative when choosing your vase. There are plenty of options that will complete your look, get playful with all of the different styles and mix things up!

Declutter and get organised;

They don't call it a spring clean for nothing! Clutter is bound to get in the way of a calming and tranquil space, so use this time to dust off the cobwebs and get organised. While we are all about adding treasures to your space to make it feel like home, great interior design also involves getting organised and sometimes, removing things from your space. "Find a designated home for everything, including bits and bobs. You’ll save time and frustration having to look for things! Baskets inside cabinets keep spaces tidy and are easier to manage. Keep your favourite pieces on display and give everything else a holiday… in the garage!" Toni recommends.

Create an indoor-outdoor flow;

The warmer weather means lots of entertaining, as well as long, balmy nights spent alfresco! We suggest making the most of your outdoor area by creating a cohesive flow between your home and the outdoors. For some, this may be a simple reshuffle of furniture, and for others, it may mean optimising your outdoor space with furnishings and lighting to give it a more lived-in and inviting feel. This doesn't have to cost you the earth, be resourceful and consider which of your existing furnishings could be utilised to spruce up your outdoor area! "Rugs are a fantastic and multi-functional piece that can be used both indoors and outdoors to elevate your space" shares Jacqui.

With these helpful hints, you can revive your space, making it the perfect summer oasis for yourself, as well as your guests!

The Twill Team.

Jacqui, Toni, Grace and Alex.

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