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Cushions, make or break!

There's something so luxurious about cushions and in a way they are a luxury. But here at Twill, we believe they are a necessity to make a space feel like a home, a home you feel relaxed and comfortable in.

Here are a few hot tips for choosing cushions and a few we are loving at the moment!

- Buying a good quality cushion inner, feather for example means you can change the cover when you feel like something new, but you have the inner to reuse!

- Using Euro size cushions on your bed gives it a lush look and is easily achievable. We advise two or three Euro's and then two square cushions in front and if you're feeling generous a fifth rectangular cushion to finish off the bed.

- Keep your cushions looking gorgeous, by turning them every so often and giving them a good plump.

- Changing your cushions is an inexpensive way to give your room a new lease on life and update.

Some beautiful cushions we are loving at the moment from Citta below https://www.cittadesign.com/

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