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So often when people are building or renovating their home they neglect the importance of furnishing their windows and doors. Curtains and blinds are essential to making a house feel like a home and not to mention the fact they keep the house warm and provide privacy.

Selecting curtain colours is a key point in the design process of the rooms in your home, as they play a big role in the aesthetic of how your house will turn out. Quite often we work our way through design, starting with curtain fabrics. A great starting point!

You can choose between a colour that matches the furniture or one that demands attention. However, remember that light or neutral colours will be more practical, not only will they illuminate the room with natural light, but they will also not fade when exposed to the sun. This is an important fact to keep in mind if you don’t want to change the curtains or blinds often!

Picking the right fabric for your curtains is not easy as you can imagine. There is so many to choose from with pros and cons. It can be helpful to have the choices narrowed down before you start hunting. However with our help we can ensure you will be extremely satisfied with the end result!

Keeping in mind the many characteristics that fabrics have is also important. If it is too heavy, it might not fold and fall in a natural and delicate way. If the fabric is too lightweight, it might not fall in the way you desire. However, if you need a curtain that blocks out the light in the bedroom, heavier fabric will be the best choice. The lighter fabric, for example linen, will be ideal in the living area. Alternatively you can use a liner to block out the light in bedrooms while still using a floaty, delicate fabric.

Raise your hand if you have doubts about curtain length choices?

At present the trend is to let the curtains softly touch the floor which gives a modern and romantic touch to the room. It’s better to avoid them in areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, where they could be unpractical. An easy tip to make the room look higher is to set the curtains higher than the windows. Creating a grand and luxurious atmosphere.

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