• Jacqui Mitchell

Colour Trend for 2020!

Think mint choc chip ice cream, running down your hand during summer, or having a mint during church to stop your fidgeting as a child. Now you have the image in your mind, can you guess what colour I am talking about?

The year of 2020 that isn't too far in the distance is going to be injected with a fresh new colour, that I am particularly excited about!! This year it was the Pantone coral pink colour so we are doing a 90 degree turn and going to a cool colour. This colour is unique and I am sure we will see it more and more on the fashion runways, which trickles into interiors and else where. Are you ready?!

Introducing Neo Mint - Feast your eyes on these beautiful ways in which you can use this futuristic/natural colour.

Enjoy these images that I loved searching for on Pinterest. I love all of them, I hope you do too! Will you be brave enough to use the Neo Mint in your own home? I'm thinking of how I can use it in mine..