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Children's Bedroom Trends

2021 has started off with some amazing Interiors floating around in the cyber space. We thought it would be fun to do a feature on a room that can sometimes go very wrong.

Are you planning to stay in your house for a long time or getting it ready for resale? All the questions you need to be asking yourself when designing your child's room. Are you going to let them have a say?

Is your goal to reflect their personality and make it a safe haven for them, so they wouldn't even dare get up at 2am and jump into your bed. Or is it just a storage space for all their toys? Keep reading to hear some tips and ideas from the Twill Team.

Gorgeous Wave wallpaper

Wallpaper is always a good start when working at adding an element of interest. We suggest you choose a wallpaper that will stand the test of time. Something the child will grow with. These waves are perfect if your child likes the ocean and it can bring a sense of calm to the space with the peaceful blue colour.

Below we have an example mood board that Twill can provide for you. These are always a great place to start when planning a room. We have provided a paint colour, some bed linen, a rug, bed side table, framed print and a cute cushion to tie it all together. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

See above, we have used a paint colour that will grow with the child. We used the Karen Walker Quarter Robin Egg Blue, another colour that will bring a sense of peace to the space.

The top of the bedside cabinet is a similar colour so this is connecting well.

Using, colourful, vibrant bedding can be a smart idea if you want to save costs on renovations. There are so many amazing, affordable places to source linen from these days. We are spoilt for choice!

Up-cycling is a unique way to add difference to your child's room. As pictured in the image above, there is a dresser that has been painted a cornflower blue. All the walls have been left white but there has been colour added with the dresser, a gorgeous painting of a child, an antique bed fit for a king and a bright red star blanket.

This room is going to stand the test of time and be a place for that child to learn and grow for many years. It isn't too baby-ish and has some playful elements to it, so its not too serious!

The coolest boys room. These pieces have been carefully selected to be investment pieces. This room can be transitional, by just changing the art print to something more grown up, making it suitable for all ages. An edgy spin could be put on it by adding a cool flag or the world map. Even a hand painted skate board to hang on the wall. Things that reflect the personality of the child/teenager.

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