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Tactile Sensations

Touch is one of 5 senses. From the moment we are born we use our fingers and skin to interpret the world around us and what we feel through touch can be a matter of survival. This is physical texture.

Our eyes also interpret texture. Visual cues tell us if something is smooth or fluffy. Is it soft or hard? Rough or silky? When we look at a piece of furniture are we invited to sink down into it or remain standing?

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Sometimes overlooked, texture is a vital component to any space. Visually it breaks up monotonous surfaces, deflects or attracts light and adds layers to the aesthetics of the room. Tactile or physical texture encourages us to kick off our shoes to walk on cool floors or conversely snuggle up under faux fur with a book.

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I like to use texture that evolves to develop a beautiful patina and sense of place. To achieve this I use natural elements like raw linen, wool, leather, timber and stone. Leather is an unusual choice for a bedhead however over time it will age gracefully and become even more treasured.

Aged timber is especially beautiful with the demand for salvaged wood in NZ high.

Wool never goes out of fashion. It's naturally soil resistant, allergen free and perfect underfoot.

Rendered concrete adds interest to flat surfaces.

Use of texture breaks up tonal schemes such as this utterly dreamy bedroom. Sigh.

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a cloud? Have a go at introducing different textures at home - you'll be surprised at the difference they can make!

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